Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smash takes a ride to McDonald's and town

Smash is a really great dog even if he is mixed. My kids love him almost as much as I do. We sometimes "borrow" him for awhile. The kids enjoy taking him for a ride. In fact, just about everytime I go out to his house he automatically walks to the passenger side door as if he is saying I am ready to go for a ride!

This past weekend my two boys and I had the opportunity to take Smash for a ride after some errands. Since the boys were hungry we decided to drive back into town and go to McDonald's. While waiting in line Smash looked as if he was about to go to sleep. It had been a very rainy day so it was understandable. 

As we approached the drive thru Smash apparently caught whiff of the aroma from the restaurant completely waking up. Of course the boys soon could not resist giving Smash a snack or two consisting of one chicken nugget and a few french fries. I also soon gave in giving the remaining bread from my double cheeseburger to him. At one time Smash had turned around towards the boys with drool dripping from his chops. My oldest son Caleb proceeded to ask me why Smash was doing that? I explained it is because he is hungry and loves the smell of our food. It is his way of asking for some.

The funniest part had to be when I stopped to get gas. Smash did not like it at all when I got out so when I attempted to get back in he was sitting in my seat. Needless to say it was a task to get him out of my seat and into the passenger side. Instead of sitting as he usually does, he chose to turn around facing the boys in the back seat. Of course with them finishing up their fries, Smash had the chance to sniff the both of them. They pleaded with me to make Smash turn around. As he was attempting to, he sat on my sweet tea nearly squishing the cup in the cup holder in half. I quickly rescued my drink!

Eventually Smash was tired and turned around plopping his head down on the console on top of my arm. And soon we were back to his house where he quickly ran over to his bed.

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pet care tv said...

Haha, poor smash just wanted some McD's