Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Smash and Friends

Smash has enjoyed playing with one of the neighbor dogs lately. The neighbor is a German Shepard puppy. We call him Shep Dog because for a long time we did not know that his owners call him Sarge.

It is fun to watch them play. Even with only three fully functional legs, Smash can not only run faster than Shep dog but he can also out maneuver him in the woods. It is really funny to watch Smash make a quick turn and then watch Sarge go sliding through the leaves.

Smash does not let his crooked leg slow him down at all. In fact he will often stand on it when he marks his territory.

I am very thankful that I did not have it amputated. He makes good use of it.

I have also resumed some of his training using the sit stay fetch methods. He is a little reluctant to walk beside me on the leash. He would rather go in front. However, after just a few tugs, where I reassert who is alpha dog, he gets the idea.

I think he will be back to his old ways with just a little work on my part.

So if a new puppy is on your Christmas list, be sure to get the instruction manual to go with it. Order Sit Stay Fetch today.


sarah_jo said...

hi i was just wondering what breed of dog you have beacause he looks just like mine and we havent been able to find out her breed and even the vet didnt know

sarah_jo said...

i would just like to know the breed of dog you have?