Thursday, January 18, 2007

More on "Marley and Me"

I just finished reading "Marley and Me." This book is the story of a large Labrador retriever that became a household pet for the Grogan family.

I had a lot of trouble reading the book because the pages must have been dusted with onions or something that made my eyes water every chapter.

Marley reminded me a lot of our dog Buster. Buster was a mutt but sort of a lab Shepard mix so he had a lot of the physical qualities of Marley.

Just like Marley, Buster was fiercely loyal. He was a great protector and he always positioned himself between us and any perceived danger.

We too moved from a subdivision to a place where our dog could run and play without restrictions. Like my dog Smash, we referred to Buster as an Ogre and we fondly referred to our place in the country as Ogre Acres.

I could not read all of the chapter about Marley's passing because it reminded me too much of Buster's last day. I still walk by his grave on the hill above the creek and remember how he used to love to run in the woods and play in the water. He would fetch sticks until I could not throw them anymore.

So if you don't mind a couple of days of puffy watery eyes, read Marley and Me. I laughed cried and throughly enjoyed every bit of this book.

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