Monday, November 27, 2006

Teaching Smash to Shake paws

How to Teach a Dog How To Shake Paws.

Begin bygiving the Sit command and have your dog in the "Sit" position.

Say “Smash, Shake Paws”, and then gently take hold of one of your dog’s paws and lift it off the ground. Put his paw back on the ground, then praise and reward him.

Smash's favoitire reward for such behavior is lots of petthepuppy.

Repeat this a few times, and then try it again several times throughout the day.

After a couple of days, try giving your dog the command without picking up his paw.

If he raises his paw by himself, make a big fuss so he knows he is doign a great job!

However, if he does not lift his paw, don’t be discouraged. Instead, go back a step and practice lifting his paw for him for another couple of days.

Some days Smash does better than others.

We learned this trick from Sit Stay Fetch.

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